Contour ‘stick’

Hello lovies

Today I have a new review πŸŽ‰ 

I bought this last week in Primark Ghent. It cost me € 3,50 so not expensif. You have 3 sticks shade, bronze and highlighter. I blend this with a beauty blender but it don’t blend so I try it with a make-up brushe but it doesn’t work 😦

The result is sooooo bad 😦 

So don’t buy this in Primark 




2 thoughts on “Contour ‘stick’

  1. I use these contour sticks and I find them very creamy and easily blendable with a damp beauty blender.. I have been using the dark shade for my nose contour everyday ever since I got it.. And have been loving it!
    It is definitely not comparable to the high end cream contours available but a great affordable option for beginners or anyone on a budget in my opinion.. You could also check out my review on these if you would like


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